Stephen Seki


Stephen embodies a remarkable duality, where his professional expertise as a qualified Pharmacist harmonizes seamlessly with his role as an influential motivational speaker. His life story is a captivating testament to the human spirit’s boundless potential for growth and transformation, a narrative he artfully weaves into his motivational endeavors.

His early years were steeped in hardship, having been born into the confines of poverty. The opportunity to gain an education remained a distant dream until fate led him to the shores of the United Kingdom at the age of 10. However, this transition brought with it an array of formidable challenges. Stephen arrived on foreign soil with no command over the English language, no ability to read or write, and a culture shock that reverberated through every aspect of his life. His journey of adaptation included not only mastering a new language but also navigating the intricate nuances of the English school system.

In a twist of fate, Stephen’s resilience was further tested as he was diagnosed with both Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, conditions that could have easily discouraged a lesser spirit. But Stephen’s determination shone brightly. In a mere five years, he not only overcame these staggering odds but also succeeded in passing his General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examinations. This early academic success in England became the precursor of his aspirations.

Stephen harbored a dream of becoming a Pharmacist, a profession for which he initially fell short of the prerequisite qualifications. Undaunted, he pressed forward with unwavering resolve, undeterred by obstacles or naysayers. His commitment and perseverance ultimately culminated in his achievement as a qualified Pharmacist, a testament to his relentless pursuit of personal and professional excellence.

Today, Stephen’s life mission is resoundingly clear. He serves as a motivational speaker, harnessing his extraordinary journey – from a humble Ugandan farmer to a distinguished Pharmacist – to inspire and empower individuals from all walks of life. His message is a rallying call for those who strive to achieve their dreams, urging them to remain steadfast in the face of adversity, and never to lose sight of their limitless potential.


In addition to his compelling speeches, Stephen offers corporate clients an exclusive seminar experience, centered around the profound theme of failure, as gleaned from the insights contained within his book. These seminars, complemented by interactive workbooks and thought-provoking questionnaires, serve as transformative journeys for participants. By delving into the reasons behind past setbacks, Stephen guides individuals and teams alike to harness the invaluable power of learning from their failures.


The fusion of Stephen’s captivating keynote addresses and transformative seminars not only informs but also inspires. With a rich history of positively impacting the lives of individuals and teams, he remains unswervingly committed to guiding them in tapping into their fullest potential for personal and professional growth. Stephen’s story is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit and serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who seek to rise above their circumstances and strive for greatness.