Stephen Seki

About Stephen

Stephen is a motivational speaker and a qualified Pharmacist who uses his story to inspire, encourage and motivate people…

Stephen was born in poverty and received no formal education up until the age of 10 when he got the opportunity to come to the UK. Unable to read, write or speak any English, Stephen struggled to adapt to the change in culture, language and the English school system. He was also diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia which made adjusting to the classroom environment even more difficult.

Despite the challenges, in just 5 years, Stephen was able to pass his GCSEs. Encouraged by his academic start in England, Stephen decided that he wanted to become a Pharmacist despite not meeting the requirements to do so. Being a determined person, Stephen decided to pursue his dream regardless and today he is now a qualified Pharmacist.

Stephen now works as a motivational speaker teaching people to never give up on their dreams. He uses is story from a Farmer in Uganda to a Pharmacist to encourage people from all walks of life to do the same for their own dream.